Creating a Plan B Income Stream To Overtake Your Plan A - Giving You Freedom To Do What You Want When You Want

Are You In Charge of Your Time Right Now?

 Would You Like It Back?

A Global Wealth Trade Home Business Can Put You Back In Charge of Your Time

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Who Can Benefit from a GWT Business?

GWT is the vehicle to achieve your desired outcome if you want to:

  • make money from home
  • create a second income
  • fire your boss
  • build your kids future
  • create freedom
  • self fund retirement

Once I realised the power of what I was creating for myself, I had a massive a-ha moment.  I thought how good would it be if I were able to create a GWT business that results in money automatically hitting your bank account each week, and then when my boys finished school, hand it to them as a head start in life.  The amount is irrelevant, it can be as little as $5k per year, or as much as $100k per year.  The gift of giving my sons a passive revenue stream that will pay them forever because of what I do today was inspiring to me.  Just like you, I want my kids to have the best chance possible at having a great life, and we all know that that means they need money.  A GWT business is truly the gift that will keep in giving and give them that start.

" To get rich you need to be making money while you sleep" David Bailey

As a Global Wealth Trade Luxury Consultant, your business is designed to grow and create passive income so yes you can get paid while you sleep

​You Have a Choice

  • You can keep doing what's not working and continue getting the same results
  • You can continue to invest money in the next "shiny object"  or " get rich with no effort"  scheme
  • You can wait until the kids are at school then look to get back into the workforce
  • Or you can read this information and discover a way to create a level of income that will allow you to stay at home forever

About Scott Gallon


Hi I'm Scott Gallon, and I'm a Global Wealth Trade Luxury Consultant living in Perth WA.  I've partnered with the worlds fastest growing fashion house out of Canada and help people just like you create extra income every week with this phenomenal opportunity.  I'm looking for proactive success seeking people to become members of my GWT team.  I personally mentor my team as we work side by side creating an income stream that hits our account each and every week so our only job is to make it larger.  

Who Am I?

20yr Service in the Military

Retail Business Owner

Business Coach

Lead Generation and SEO Expert

Systems & Processes Expert

So Noting All Those Skills Why Am I Dedicating Myself to Growing a GWT Business?

Answer:  All of these skills require me to work to get paid.  I do the work, I get paid, I don't do the work I don't get paid.  This is not passive income.  This is not freedom

What I Want From Life

  • Take my kids to and from school every day
  • Not have to worry about money
  • Get lifetime reward from the work I do today
  • Develop a passive income stream I can hand to my boys when they leave school
  • Have the freedom to choose what I do with my time
  • Have the freedom to go wherever I like

Why GWT is a Fit For Me

  •  I get paid every week on auto pilot
  •  I have a home business that makes money so I get to stay home and be a dad
  • I have a personalised support team that is always there to help me
  • I get paid to wear designer fashion items
  • I can create an income stream that my children can take over and benefit from
  • My business has no limits, it can expand worldwide

A Global Wealth Trade Business Will Allow Me to Do the Work Once and Continue to Get Paid For it Over and Over 

Result: I am not required to undertake a direct action in order to get paid.  This is true passive income, This is true financial freedom

A Common Objection We Hear:

Isn't This Some Type of Pyramid Scheme or a Scam?

If it were, wouldn't people be complaining?

GWT BBB Rating of A

# of complaints in the last 12 months - 1

GWT Rating

Microsoft BBB Rating of F

# of complaints in the last 12 months - 531

Feri Mosh Fashion
Feri Fashion

This is a standard response when people are first exposed to Global Wealth Trade.  The sad thing is that if you allow this generalisation to taint your objectiveness when ascertaining if GWT is a good fit for you, it will cost you the opportunity to attain the freedom you seek


Most objections regarding Global Wealth Trade come from a lack of understanding about the multi level marketing concept, or a previous negative experience.  

This company has been created with one focus in mind - to allow an opportunity for the every day person to have a business in the MLM industry that can actually make them money.

In general terms, the retention rate for most companies in the MLM industry is approximately 6%.  This means 94% of the people who join your team will leave making it virtually impossible to consistently make money.  The retention rate for GWT is 65% - you do the math.

What Can Global Wealth Trade Create For You?

Work From Home

No Experience Necessary

Get Paid to Wear Designer Fashion

Minimal Ongoing Costs

Create Passive Income

Small Initial Investment

100% Iron Clad Guarantee

Bottom Line is this:  The first step for any business is to get it to break even meaning that your monthly expenses are paid for by your income.  This would be a nice place to start for any business wouldn't you agree?  I 100% guarantee that with my help you will have your business to break even inside of 12 weeks.  If you join as a diamond member, and follow my implementation instructions, and do not have your business generating $150 from purely passive income within 12 weeks, I will personally cover the difference until you are.  Click here for full terms and conditions. 

Ok Scott I'm Interested But Now What?


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Lets get to know each other. This is an exclusive opportunity and unfortunately I can't extend my personal attention to hundreds of people. I am creating an inner circle of like minded people who I can personally invest time and effort in, so that we can be successful together. If you feel that you would benefit from an additional income source, or are looking for a way to create long term passive income, and you are ready to do what it takes to create the lifestyle you have always wanted, then click the button below and I'll reach out to you.